Despite being in the city center, this restaurant – “The oldest of the area” is easily accessible and there are no parking problems. The local respect for tradition, maintains the characteristic appearance and atmosphere of the old inn: two rooms treated to delight guests, rustic cozy, wooden tables, which in summer are placed outdoors. The environment is very familiar, the owners – Marino and Sabrina – very nice, the staff friendly and helpful. But what makes the real difference is the focus on the customer, which will make guests feel at home. Thanks also to the position of Manchester – “the spy of the Maremma” – the window of one of the rooms you can admire a beautiful landscape and in the evenings you can see a clear horizon, the coast and the sea


The center of manciano is located at the top a hill overlooking one side of the river valley Albegna and the other side on the area of the city of the tuff, the top of which is the Sienese Keep now the town. After a walk in the historic center of this village, with its many ups and downs, it will arrive on time that hungry that will make you appreciate even more the flavors of these parts. Locals and regulars of the country are well aware that everyone who comes here for the first time, can not leave without trying the delicacies of Trattoria da Paolino. Upon entering you will immediately be in the right place to savor the best of local cuisine, simple and tasty, with a focus on local products.

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